Cat FrontPet Apex Cat Condo Tower 60 inch

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Cat FrontPet Apex Cat Condo Tower 60 inch

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Cat FrontPet Apex Cat Condo Tower 60 inch

Cat FrontPet Apex Cat Condo Tower 60 inch has a Futuristic look that is an original concept by the Frontpet design team. They set out to create a cat tree that provides a stylish and functional addition to your house. Inspired by the beauty and simplicity of the Baobab tree and designed to appeal to your cats natural behavior to climb and perch for a truly unique and beautiful piece for your home.

Add A Touch Of Modern To Your Home

Cat trees are important to provide a way for your cat to work off energy and provide stimulation. It will also provide for the cats privacy and a place to feel secure. The Classic Cat tree has faux fleece as one of the materials to cover the pressed wood to create the different levels. This Natural Wood FrontPet Apex Cat Condo Tower ensures durability that doesn’t fade away with time. It provides a safe place for your cats to lounge. This FrontPet Apex Cat Condo Tower has a small foot print of 30″ x 23″ which allows it to fit a small area in your home. On our goal is to carry as many of the sizes that are available in the market place along with designs you may not see anywhere else.

Here are a just a few attributes that set us apart from the competition in the Cat Tree industry:

  • All our featured cat trees are exceptionally high quality.
  • FrontPet Apex Cat Condo Tower is easy to clean and can withstand the pressures of even the most vigorous cats. This product will not disappoint.
  • We offer excellent customer service.
  • We provide fast shipping on all our available items.

Our goal is to provide a wide selection in both color and style to choose from at competitive pricing. When you purchase from us, you can be confident you are buying the very best products.

Cat FrontPet Apex Cat Condo Tower 60 inch Features:- Tower Dimensions: Height: 60″ Base: 30″ x 23″ Bowls: 5″ Diameter
– 4 Carpeted Cat Platforms
– Food Bowl Platform With Two 5 Bowls
– Unfinished Wood

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