Vesper Cat Tree Condos

The Vesper Cat Tree Condos line provides innovative design using cat-friendly materials with meticulous workmanship. They provide elegant and practical cat furniture that satisfies your cats need for activity. Every stunning piece of furniture features varying combinations of cozy cubes, platforms and tunnels, as well as strategically placed scratching areas.

Some of the pieces of the Vesper Cat Tree Condos come with observation decks and a place to rest. Cats can be as demanding as their owners, so the quality of Vesper Cat Tree Condos will fit with almost all decors.


• High-quality MDF made from New Zealand pine
• Sturdy design
• Removable cushion and scratching surfaces
• Rounded corners and edges for a safe and pleasant feel
• Easy installation

Cat trees are important to provide a way for your cat to work off energy and provide stimulation. It will also provide for the cat’s privacy and a place to feel secure. The Classic Cat tree has faux fleece as one of the materials to cover the pressed wood to create the different levels. This ensures durability that doesn’t fade away with time. It provides a soft place for your cats to lounge. Some of the Vesper Cat Tree Condos are small enough to fit a small area in your home or much larger to accommodate several cats.

On our goal is to carry as many of the sizes that are available in the marketplace along with designs you may not see anywhere else.

Our goal is to provide a wide selection in both color and style to choose from at competitive pricing. When you purchase from us, you can be confident you are buying the very best products.

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